Can You Get 400% ROI From Investing In Toronto Condos?

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“Can I make money in Toronto Condo market and how much can I make? Am I too late in the game?" Questions I get asked regularly! businessman go up stairs from coins on white background There is no safe commodity currently appreciating in value throughout Toronto quite [...]


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As a handpicked Insider Platinum agent for Freed Developments, I have the privilege of sharing stunning exclusive renderings of the newly released Art Shoppe Condos & Lofts at Yonge and Eglinton in midtown Toronto. These 650 stylish suites rising 34 storeys from atop the locally beloved Art Shoppe Furniture store’s original [...]

Hold your breath Yonge and Eglinton buyers. Art Shoppe Condos is coming to midtown

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At the heart of a thriving Toronto growth centres, Freed Developments Art Shoppe Condos & Lofts add a new dimension to one of the GTA’s most promising communities. Toronto’s condo market is one fascinatingly dynamic arena in which one could choose to make a living. Every day, Toronto’s most respected developers [...]

Our 5 Favourite New Toronto Condo Developments Of 2014

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Amid the Toronto’s globally renowned real estate investment opportunities, these elite, stylish condo developments offer some exceptional prospects that emerged over the last 12 months. The Greater Toronto Area condo market surpassed every industry expectation by the end of 2014. Its healthy prognosis to close the year has begun [...]

Pricey Bloor St. a bargain for U.S retailers

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1 Pricey Bloor St. a bargain for U.S. retailers When Toronto entertainment mogul Charles Khabouth opens his flagship La Société restaurant on Bloor St. next week, it will mark the return of upscale dining to the venerable retail strip. While Khabouth, the head of INK Entertainment, figures he has [...]

Seasons Greetings | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Inheritance I want to share an interesting story which I had heard today in Chicago from his Holiness Saint Rajinder Singh, a spiritual Master of a worldwide multi-faith organization called Science of Spirituality. There was once a man who promised to give all 10 of his children 100 gold coins [...]

Hot Investment property. Best time to buy

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0 Newsletter- August, 2010 Hot Investment property. Best time to buy! Dear Friend, Now is the Time! First of all I would like to thank you for your continued support which has made me the #2 agent in my office*. Thank you so much for your trust in me. I hate [...]

What are the qualities of a GREAT pre-construction Realtor??

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What are the qualities of a GREAT pre-construction Realtor?? 1. Does your Real Estate Agent have front line access to a preferred project by a developer? There is no chance that the "average Joe" has any clue who has the access, nor do most of the end-users even know about [...]

Why Toronto’s Young Homebuyers Of 2014 Are Considering Condos

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The Greater Toronto Area housing market lives in interesting times. It might seem like a daring invocation, but the Toronto condo market in particular and a surge of young buyers will meet together with a promising confluence of factors this spring. By virtue of being young and new to [...]

Many say fears of Toronto Condo bust are overblown

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Many say fears of Toronto Condo bust are overblown We're accustomed to hearing doomsday warnings about a Canadian housing bubble and reading reports that call the Vancouver housing market way too hot for its own good. These claims are very contentious, but always inspire a healthy debate. However, we [...]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our house to yours

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I wish that the New Year be a messenger of joy, happiness, peace, smiles, and good tidings for you and your family. Happy New Year!!Sunny Batra Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours                                              Sunny Batra

Platinum Release Info for YC Condos – Yonge & College at 460 Yonge St.

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YC Condos - The most exciting condo project in Toronto in 2014 In my career as a realtor, I have come across several interesting condo & housing projects over the years, but the YC Condos at Yonge and College, which is currently in its preconstruction phase, is absolutely the most exciting. Judging from [...]

What can we expect from 2011?

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January, 2011 Dear Friend, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year has gone by and it is time to take stock of the Real Estate Market. 2010 started out as another record year for the Toronto Real Estate Board and by the end of June we posted a record six month [...]

Does Staging help sell your home? Before & After Pictures of Staging.�

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Does Staging help sell your home?                                                                                        July 2008 Edition With the real estate shifting toward a buyers market, it is essential to present your home in such a way that enhance its best features and minimizes or rectifies problem areas. Many surveys have proven the importance of home staging [...]

Home in Peel Affordable Ownership Program

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Home in Peel Affordable Ownership Program Almost everyone dreams of owning their own home. To have a place that is your own, to put a nail in the wall without having to worry about a landlord. Unfortunately, this dream is out of reach for many young families; the biggest [...]

Happy Thankgiving

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Thanksgiving is a special time of year, a time to reflect on the past year. A time to be thankful for the blessings we have and look forward to the year ahead with a renewed hope for an abundant harvest.It would also help you It is your decision but don't waste [...]

Looking to buy a condo? Get to the back of the line

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Looking to buy a condo? Get to the back of the line October 28, 2011 00:10:00 Susan PiggBUSINESS REPORTER For three years now, Efrem Rone has been keeping a close eye on an Adelaide St. E. parking lot, watching for a condo sales centre to rise from the asphalt. [...]

Pace Condos, The Best Deal in Downtown Toronto!!

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1 THE BEST *!#@%! DEAL IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO VIP Realtor sales have begun!!  After the success of 18 Yorkville, Charlie Condos, The Morgan, The St. James, and not to forget the most hyped and famous X2-Condos, and One Bloor Condos, Great Gulf Homes now brings to you Pace Condos. Pace Condos is [...]

Understanding The Sub Prime Mortgage Market Crisis

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Understanding The Sub Prime Mortgage Market Crisis Despite the fact that the U.S. sub prime mortgage market has gained much media attention, only some of us know what is this means while many are worried about it's affect on our market. In this article we shed some light on this [...]

Happy Holidays!! Ho… Ho … Ho …!

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December 2010 Dear Friend, Ho… Ho… Ho… Guess what! This gift-giving all started with a Saint named Nicholas throwing a purse of gold through a window each night for three successive nights. It happened that Saint Nicholas knew a poor nobleman in Lycia, Asia Minor. The fellow had three lovely daughters [...]

Toronto vs. World’s Most Expensive Real Estate Markets

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Toronto among the best international cities to invest in Real Estate Toronto has long been a favourite market for real estate investors – and it’s not hard to see why. Strong Immigration, a record low mortgage rates, high ROI, a variety of inventory, a low vacancy rate and strong [...]

Lessons I learned from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Ask any investor, entrepreneur or savvy businessperson what’s on their reading list, and I guarantee you Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad is on it. Oprah Winfrey endorsed it, and Will Smith used it to teach his kids about financial literacy and responsibility. Even Donald Trump gave it the thumbs up! But the [...]

Market continues to be HOT with multiple offers

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1 Peter Street Condos VIP sales is on now Hot new condos in the Entertainment District!!! Peter Street Condos will be a 40 storey mixed use building at the corner of Peter St and Adelaide St West in the Entertainment District. Pre-construction VIP prices start from $199,900. VIP incentives are amazing and [...]

Harbour Plaza Residences | Harbour Plaza Condos

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 2013 Harbour Plaza Residences | Harbour Plaza Condos Long-term opportunities abound in Harbour Plaza Residences When it comes to finding condo properties in Toronto that combine the best in first-rate amenities, hot location and great cash-flow opportunities, I like to look at offerings from developers that have had a [...]

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