Investors see Condos as a safe Investment

With the global economy still on shaky ground many investors are returning to hard assets. The Canadian real estate has managed to outperform its counterparts in other countries and the Toronto market continues to lead the rest of the Country.

More amenities, less maintenance and more convenience are the biggest reasons why more and more people are interested in buying condos, which makes condos a great investment.  According to an annual survey from TD Canada Trust the condo industry in Toronto is attracting more and more investors.

The TD Condo Poll showed that one-third of condo buyers (34 per cent) purchased their unit for an investment. In fact at 30 per cent, Toronto investors are more likely to purchase a condominium as an investment than their counterparts across the Country (20 per cent nationally).

The survey also showed what condo purchasers intend to do with their unit.

  • 44% think they are a good investment to buy and sell at a profit when prices have gone up
  • 39% see them as a long-term source of rental income
  • 37% see them as a source of rental income for the time being till they are ready to downsize

Pre-Construction condos are key to investment properties

TD analysts do point out that buying a condo unit as an investment property is not without its risks. However, one way to limit those risks is by getting in early, which means buying pre-construction units at a Platinum VIP launch where prices are at the rock bottom.

When investors buy a unit at the VIP Platinum launch, they are purchasing a unit at the very initial stages. At this stage they have more options to choose from and have access to pick most hotly in demand units. In comparison Investors who purchase a condo at the general public opening stage tend to pay a higher price and usually do not get the ability to pick the best unit.

The earlier investors jump on board the better deals they can find which will have the greatest benefit in the long run.

This is the reason why we offer our clients a Platinum VVIP Pricelist and Platinum Incentives, which highlights some of the best investment opportunities in the city.

E Condos is generating a lot of attention

One of the biggest projects in Toronto is definitely attracting a lot of investor interest. E Condos will be built on the northeast corner of Yonge and Eglinton. With two towers and a total of 1,100 suits, this is going to be one of the biggest construction projects in the area.

A previous condo project in the area called the Madison was sold out at the VIP stage few weeks from its launch. This is an indication of the strong demand for investment properties in a good project and at a hot location such as Yonge and Eglinton.

What makes E Condos a great investment opportunity is that it has all the major factors that people look for when purchasing a condo. The units are all about luxury, which means some of the best amenities like gyms, dining and recreational areas and the most unique feature is two cantilevered pools, which will project dramatically out from the buildings — one halfway up, the other at penthouse level.

The first level will also be transformed into a commercial area so residents will be only a few steps away from all the essentials.

The second factor is its proximity to public transit. Residents will have underground access to the Eglinton Subway Station and eventually the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT. It will also have direct underground access to the Yonge and Eglinton center.

Contact us for more details on the E Condos including our Platinum VIP Pricelist and Platinum Incentives

E Condos Platinum VIP Access

Direct Underground Access To The Subway & A Mall

Luxury housing sales surge forward

in most major Canadian centres in 2012, says RE/MAX

New records set in just over 60 per cent of markets in the first quarter

The Canadian appetite for all things luxury continues to fuel demand for high-end housing, with first quarter 2012 sales well ahead of 2011 figures for the same period in most markets across the country, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

The Upper-End Report found that 81 per cent (13) of the 16 major Canadian centres examined—including Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, London-St. Thomas, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton-Burlington, Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Greater Montreal, and Halifax-Dartmouth—posted an increase in homebuying activity, with the vast majority reporting double-digit appreciation.  Records were set for upper-end sales in ten markets in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

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Last week I had a meeting with the Immigration minister of Canada, Hon. Jason Kenney and this is what he said about the Canadian Market:

“Canada has created over 150,000 jobs in the last 2 months out of which 80% are full time. Canada is the world’s best place to start a business and worlds second best place to invest.”

Don’t you feel proud to be Canadian?