December 2010

Dear Friend,

Ho… Ho… Ho…

Guess what! This gift-giving all started with a Saint named Nicholas throwing a
purse of gold through a window each night for three successive nights.
It happened that Saint Nicholas knew a poor nobleman in Lycia, Asia Minor. The
fellow had three lovely daughters and he worried about their future, so Nick threw
a purse of gold through their window, and returned the two following nights to do
it again.

Well, you can imagine how happy that made them. And the news got ‘round and
folks all over Europe decided to make each other happy by giving gifts on a night
called Saint Nicholas’ Eve. For economy’s sake they cut it down to one night,
and dropped the gold purse idea – they just filled shoes and stockings with
candy, cookies, and handmade toys and trinkets.

Maybe I am just a silly softie, as you might say, but I am still old-fashioned
enough to believe there’s some sentiment left in business, after all.
So, not a single sentence about the real estate markets this month. Just a single
sincere statement…

May your Holiday Season be most Joyful

The New Year be most Prosperous.

Sunny Batra

Your Friend in Real Estate