Harbour Plaza Condos | Harbour Plaza Residences:The Greater Toronto Area’s Next Great Luxury Homes

In the Greater Toronto Area, Harbour Plaza Residences rise high among luxury-condo communities with reasonably-priced opulence. Still, no matter how abundant the value found in a Harbour Plaza experience, there’s certainly a wise, savvy way to go about sizing up and purchasing any Toronto condo.

Upon their anticipated Fall 2017 completion, the dual-tower Harbour Plaza condos will provide 64 stories of comfortable, luxuriously modern units at 90 Harbour St. each priced at $630/sq. ft. As unique a living opportunity as this will be, your condo – be it at Harbour Plaza or anywhere else – has to be a place where you live at a price with which you can live.  There’s no enjoying even our convenient, comfortable surroundings when one can barely sustain the price.

Sit down ahead of time and come to grips with your price threshold. As a reasonable guideline, stay within a maximum price three times your gross income.

Once you establish your economic comfort zone, be equally realistic about what you want, especially if seeking a suitable business space. For example, Harbour Plaza condos will span a combined 800,000 sq. ft. throughout the 1 York Street tower, a stone’s throw from 330,000 sq. ft. of additional business space at RBC Waterpark Place III. True, these developments together will create jobs numbering into the thousands and spur an estimated four more commercial-tower developments in the immediate area. True, Harbour Plaza Residences create a distinctive atmosphere where “work” neighbors “life.” But for all that space in an expanding, brand-new development, will they be right for you?

Prioritize what you what you want and what you consider expendable. Make a list, but we at Harbour Plaza have a feeling our luxury condos will notch most items off of it, including location amid a prime Greater Toronto Area neighborhood:

  • An easy walk home from Union Station and convenient GO and TTC access
  • Quick car access to the Gardiner and Lakeshore
  • Superb dining at Toronto’s finest downtown restaurants, including Steam Whistle Brewery and Harbour 60 Steakhouse
  • A brief commute from Toronto’s most exciting, talked-about events at The Rogers Centre and the ACC
  • Convenient Toronto Island Airport Station access

Amenity-wise, residents of Harbour Plaza condos make a stunning first impression a two-story, concierge lobby entrance. The Harbour Plaza rooftop lounge towers and awaits high above. Elsewhere, enjoy the fully furnished party room, guest suites, yoga facility, gym and spa. Secure underground parking is also available.

Once you’ve settled upon your perfect new residence, set your finances perfectly straight. Between closing costs and other typical fees, tack an estimated 2 to 7 percent onto the sale price. Even more importantly, be honest with yourself about the affordability of your down payment.

Before you start considering mortgages, size up your credit reports. Getting a lender’s pre-approval will give you a realistic picture of a condo in which you can live comfortably. Before taking this step, have all documents in order to speed along the process.

Finally, don’t go about this alone. You’ll absolutely need a qualified Toronto real-estate professional’s seasoned set of eyes helping you navigate what can be a complicated process.

Don’t get us wrong, though: we hope you’ll see the long-term opportunities that Harbour Plaza residences offer. Harbour Plaza developer Menkes previously developed Toronto’s 365 Church condos, which took less than two months to make a $15,000 leap in value from Platinum to VIP Agent launch.

Every early expectation suggests that Harbour Plaza condos could easily follow that legacy. CONTACT US today, to secure your slice of affordable, opulent living in a rising Greater Toronto Area development.

This article is written by John Stewart, online marketing manager.