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October 2010

Dear Friend,

Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on T.V about how bad the real estate market is. When all is said and done 2010 will, without doubt, finish as the third best year in the history of the Toronto Real Estate Board (after 2007 and 2009) in terms of the number of homes sold. As for average prices, 2010 will set yet another record with average prices in the GTA at $425,000 or 7.5 % higher than in 2009.

One result of a strong real estate market is that many individuals perceive real estate as an easy job, that a “house sells itself”, consequently more individuals “try” real estate as a career. Since 2001, the membership of the Toronto Real Estate Board has grown from about 17,000 to 30,000 today. That growth has not been a smooth one. For example, last year 3,073 new agents joined but, 1,400 left the real estate business. Here are some more startling facts from 2009:

6706 sales representatives sold 0 homes.

12,996 sales representatives sold 1-5 homes.

6,169 sales representatives sold 6-12 homes.

2101 sales representatives sold 13-18 homes.

2243 sales representatives sold 19+ homes.

The real estate business is more complicated than ever before. We are now subject to new legislation and Acts such as Privacy and Fintrac as well as being aware of the new HST Tax and how it affects individuals as well as the market. It really is important to deal with an experienced full time agent who knows the market, the trends and is 100% committed to clients, an agent such as me.

Have you been thinking of selling your home and changed your mind because you think you missed the good market? Have I got great news for you! The market is still strong, there is a shortage of active listings and interest rates are at record lows. So, if you are still thinking about it, I could have you out of your home and into a new one before the year is out. Have a great October and remember I am never too busy for your referrals!

Sunny Batra

Your Friend in Real Estate

Tableau Condos



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Backstage Condos



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Neighbourhood:  St. Lawrence/Sony Center

Location: Yonge St. & The Esplanade

Price: Starting from $625/Sq.Ft

Comparable: L Towers in the area are averaging around $680/sq.ft.

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