The views will literally be out of this world!

Orbital Technologies has plans to launch a space hotel for tourists by 2016. The Russian company says the first module will be 20 cubic meters and will be able to accommodate seven guests.

Skeptical? Well, whenever someone mentions something like a “space hotel” that’s probably your natural reaction and we can’t blame you. But it is worth noting that Orbital Technologies is a subsidiary of the partly state-owned RKK Energia, which had been sending space tourists to the International Space Station until last year. Seems like they have some pretty substantial credibility when it comes to blasting people into space.

The price of a journey into space and a five day stay at the hotel would be about $1 million, so it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any space backpackers right away.

And if you want to be living luxuriously during your vacation, you better stay on Earth. Meals will be prepared on Earth and heated in a microwave oven for guests. The menu will include braised veal, wild mushrooms and potato soup. Better than what astronauts eat, that’s for sure, but not exactly freshly prepared to suit your taste.

Toilets will use flowing air instead of water, but there will be running water for showers.

Regardless of the cost and the not-so-luxurious arrangements, this is obviously a unique opportunity. After all, you will be gazing at Earth from 217 miles in the air and not many people can say they’ve done that! We better start saving now…