Hottest and most noteworthy condo projects in the GTA for 2010

Toronto boasts more high-rise construction than any city in North America and 2010 was a big year for new GTA condos. In the words of Heath Ledger’s Joker, “I wanted to see what you’d do. And you didn’t disappoint.”

Throughout the year we saw dozens of condo launches, re launches and a few outright condo failures. Looking back, we can say some of these projects stood out from the crowd. They may have had more hype, purchaser interest, noteworthy design, online interest or something else that caught our attention.

And so, without further ado, below are the hottest condos in the GTA in 2010 according to our analytics and our own opinions. Due to the fact that the list is both objective and subjective, the list is in no particular order.

Check them out below:

Number One Bloor

Was there any project with more hype than the launch of Great Gulf’s Number One Bloor on the site of the failed One Bloor? We don’t think so. With construction potentially starting in March, we are sure that One Bloor will surely be in the headlines again in the new year.

12 Degrees

This is one of our favourites. Not only are the renderings below awesome and powerful, but the building is unique in that it is trying to offer more larger three-bedroom suites in the downtown core for families, something that would be a welcome lifestyle change to downtown condos.

Five Condos

With its sleek design and cool location, this project caught our attention. But, more than just the looks appeal to us, we especially love how this project will transform Yonge Street.

Twenty One Clairtrell

This project has been trending on BuzzBuzzHome all year. People love it! We love it.


Every now and again an idea comes along where you think to yourself, ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’

Downtown by Parallax Investment Corp. is bringing such an idea to the Toronto condo market, and it’s called Flexinatur.

Flexinatur’s tagline is ‘Any Style of Living. Any stage of Life’. In a nutshell, you can buy multiple units next to each other, rent them out, then in a few years transform all the units into one large luxury suite. Love it! Brilliant.


Coolest sales centre ever, and unique marketing campaign! Also, a wicked looking building that people are loving!

Bisha Hotel and Residences

When we first walked into the Bisha Hotel and Residences sales centre and were bathed in a dark glow resonating from the slick black and gold trimmed walls we knew we were in for a treat!

BISHA is positioning itself as the most luxurious place to live in Toronto and from what we saw last week it’s hard to argue against.

The brain child of Lifetime Developments Principal Mel Pearl and CEO of INK Entertainment Charles Khabouth, Bisha was conceived through the shared belief that Toronto was missing something that a city of it’s size and standing deserved – a luxury property that has a bit of a kick, an edge, and a lifestyle to it.

Studio on Richmond

Just check out the rendering below. Need we say more???

The Yorkville Condominiums

It will be a new residence that will usher in a new era of luxury in Toronto’s prestigious Bloor-Yorkville neighborhood. People are loving the slick rendering of this hot condo project.

I am thinking sell-out the first weekend the launch to the public.

Backstage Condos

Coolest online campaign, ever! First they had the “Name Our Condo” contest, where people were given the opportunity to literally name the condo, now they have a “virtual broker” program going on… what is next? Who knows, but there are a lot of prizes to be had, and an other cool rendering to check out!

Theatre Park

We don’t really have anything to say about this project, but it sure got a lot of hype going on!