Investing vs Flipping? Best strategies for investing & building your Real Estate portfolio

In the current market condition, people now more than ever want to take control to ensure that they have a secure future.

I believe that one of the best ways to guarantee your financial independence is by developing a real estate portfolio.

Although there will always be price fluctuations in the marketplace, investing in real estate has proven to be one of the safest long-term investment strategies. Read more…

Toronto’s skyline in 2020 (8 pictures) | Toronto, the best place to invest in Canada   

The Toronto condo market has been the biggest driving force behind the Canadian housing market

According to industry reports, there are 148 condo developments under construction within the Greater Toronto area. This may sound like a lot of projects; however, many analysts believe that even once these projects are completed there will still be a high demand. Read more…

Toronto exploding condo market changing city’s landscape (Before and after: 16 photos of urban transformation)

Over the past decade, Toronto’s skyline has been transformed by its explosive condo market. We take a visual look at how this growth has changed Canada’s largest urban centre. Read More..

Things to watch for when flipping a condo

Many buyers of new GTA condos looking to cash in on the hot real estate market by flipping their units before the buildings close face an unusual legal situation — the standard purchase and sale contracts don’t apply. Read More..

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