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I want to share an interesting story which I had heard today in Chicago from his Holiness Saint Rajinder Singh, a spiritual Master of a worldwide multi-faith organization called Science of Spirituality.

There was once a man who promised to give all 10 of his children 100 gold coins on the day of his death. At the time that he made the promise, the man had far more than the promised amount. In his last days, however, he fell on hard times. He soon found that he was short of the money needed to keep his word to all his children.

On the day of his death, the children gathered beside their father’s bed at his request. One by one they stepped forward, embraced their father, and received a purse with 100 gold coins. When it was time for the youngest son to be paid, the father waved everyone out of the room.

“My son,” the dying man began, “I have terrible news. Though I have been able to give each of your brothers and sisters 100 gold coins, I have but 20 for you.”

“Father,” the youngest child protested, “if you knew this why did you not make adjustments with all of your children?”

“It is better that I keep my word to as many as possible,” the father said. “Although I cannot give you as many gold coins as I promised, I can give you my greatest treasure. In addition to the 20 coins which I have for you, I offer you my 10 closest companions. Their friendship is worth more than all the gold I have ever possessed. I urge you to treat them kindly.” Shortly after he spoke, the man died.

When the period of mourning was over, the nine oldest children, thrilled by their sudden wealth, left for an extended vacation. The youngest child remained home, deeply disappointed. When he paid off his debts he found he had only four coins remaining. Though he had no great desire to see his father’s friends, he decided he most honour his beloved father’s last request. Reluctantly he spent the remaining portion of his inheritance and invited the 10 companions to dinner.

When the meal was over, the old men said to one another, “This is the only child who treats us with kindness. Let us return his affection.”

The next morning each of his father’s 10 friends sent two cattle and a small purse of money to the youngest son. Several of the old men provided assistance in breeding the cattle. Soon the youngest child had a large herd. Others offered advice on how to invest money. It was not long before the youngest son had greater wealth than any of the other nine and also became the richest in the village. Below his father’s plaque he wrote these words: “Friendship is of more value than gold.”

Let the year of 2015 be the year of friendship, love, joy and compassion.

Happy New Year!!

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Sunny Batra

Seasons Greetings
On this auspicious day I would like to wish each & everyone Merry Christmas from my family to yours. May you have the lasting joy & peace all year round.

Have a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Sunny Batra